IPC600 PCB Inspector IPC610 PCBA Inspector IPC620 Cable wire harness assemblies Inspector ISO 9001 2015 Internal Auditor ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Electrostatic Discharge ESD Master FMEA Training Education Decisions made on incomplete information or incomplete understanding of the subject leads to wrong and damaging decisions.

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    Path RSS Categories Home >> Machinery Parts. Click on any link below to access the RSS feed for that category. Hardware Industry Services. 3D printed parts product services. Hardware import export agency services. Hardware industry mold making services. Hardware testing inspection services. High precision molding services.

  • Nexans Cables

    193 Nexans Cables. Cable Single Conductor. 121 Cable Multi Conductor. 70 Cable Coaxial. 2 Remove Wire and Cable. Edit columns.

  • Arduino Buying Guide 2020 Complete Guide to Choose the

    This board carries the legacy of first Arduino boards and retains their classic design. Other than dimension pin header is another problem for users. These pin headers prevent us from placing UNO on a breadboard or universal PCB board and

  • Electronic connectors from ERNI for individual

    Analog or digital signals data electrical currents and high power can be reliably transmitted via the various connection solutions such as round connectors bus plug in connectors or industrial connectors. The products connect I/O modules with central assemblies plug in boards with backplanes terminals cables with PCBs or PCBs with each

  • Lead Free Solder Alloys Their Properties And ..

    Jan 28 2020  Lead free solder alloys have been around for as long as people have done soldering with sources dating back about 5 000 years. Most of these alloys were combinations like copper silver or silver g

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    ACTIVAL Electro Mechanical Actuator for Control Ball

    equipment damage. Do not apply any voltage other than the specified 24 V AC . Motor or printed circuit board PCB may burn out. For correct wiring of 0 10 V DC input 2 10 V DC input and 4 20 mA input refer to Fig. 7 and make sure the polarity of power supply and 2 10 V DC output. Incorrect wiring may result in PCB burnout.

  • Recycling liquid crystal displays

    Jan 01 2012  14.1. Introduction. Liquid crystal displays LCD have become the dominant technology in televisions and monitors in our homes and offices Torii 2009 .This has led to LCDs displacing traditional cathode ray tube CRT equipment within the display waste stream armishaw et al 2007 .However as yet the electronic recycling industry has only received low

  • Transceiver uSDX with Arduino Nano

    Mar 29 2021  Transceiver uSDX with Arduino Nano. Posted on 2021 03 29 by ms Last modified 2021 10 22 by ms. Personally I think that a real SDR radio is one where the radio signal is received by the antenna and then possibly after passing through passive filtering circuits is sampled by an analog to digital converter.

  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    Dec 13 2019  Without any doubt a printed circuit board or better called PCB is an important element in the electronics market. Lately printed circuit board fabrication firms have taken the responsibility of adapting fresh methodologies in developing fresh and effective PCBs design layouts varying assembling services for serving numerous industries.

  • Arcade Machines Troubleshooting Common Arcade Issues

    Dec 29 2017  However performing maintenance on your arcade machines can sometimes seem intimidating or even overwhelming for inexperienced users and with good reason the insides of these cabinets are often riddled with cables PCB boards and components that pose a danger due to high voltages. Consequently most machine owners opt to skip on the

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    Equipment that stays covered in corrosive soot and high moisture needs to be mitigated fast as it a hundred times more acidic in nature than is dry soot. These conditions are perfect for flash rusting as air oxidizes quickly on the ferrous metal parts and corrosion will also form on all non ferrous metal components such as circuit boards

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    EH 150 offers the PCB manufacturer a fast safe and economical method of copper etching of printed circuit boards. KEMPLATE PR 195 KEMPLATE PR 195 Developer Concentrate is a concentrated liquid used to make up replenish aqueous developing solutions.

  • Plastical Group C/ Barrondo 9 CIF B

    Degassing equipment vacuum for sewage and effluent plant. Effluent purification systems biological textile fixed bed. Activated sludge plant municipal and industrial effluent treatment. Activated sludge plant mini installations effluent treatment. Sludge

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    R410A Split Series OWNER S MANUAL

    2. The place with high frequency devices such as welding machine medical equipment . 3. The place near coast area. 4. The place with oil or fumes in the air. 5. The place with sulfureted gas. 6. Other places with special circumstances. 7. The appliance shall not be installed in the laundry. 1. There should be no obstruction near air inlet and

  • Film Granulator

    3E film granulator’s economic applicability and professional rotor design can double the crushing efficiency and yield which is suitable for film jumbo bags woven bags plastic waste PET packing tapes high strength engineering plastic rubber and other material.

  • History of Old electrical wiring identification photo guide

    History of electrical wire electrical wiring how to recognize knob and tube electrical wiring and unsafe extension cord wiring. We provide a table giving the timeline of years of use of different types of electrical wires or wire insulation and sheathing or jackets followed by a photo guide to all types of old building electrical wires.

  • Chemical Compatibility Chart

    Polyethylene LDPE and HDPE Resistance Chart by Chemical. The chemical compatibility of LDPE and HDPE on this chart is tested at 20 C and 50 C for 7 days and 30 days if applicable with constant exposure. LDPE HDPE resistance listed by chemical. 1.4 dioxane. LDPE / HDPE at 20 C little or no damage after 30 days.

  • Single Shaft Shredder

    Our single shaft shredder is designed for shredding of plastics rubbers papers wood electrical waste cable etc. Customers can choose the corresponding shredding equipment models according to the material size and quantity.

  • Why Are You Still Making PCBs

    Sep 21 2015  Now a days I make PCB patterns to adapt surface mount parts to standard 0.1 0.3 pinout wire wrap socket spacing and keep a careful eye on ebay to snap up wire wrap panels for future use.


    It is one of the main products to form electrified wire network. AACAll Aluminum Conductor is made up of one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 Aluminum Alloy. Because of its relatively poor strength to weight ratio AAC has had limited use in transmission lines and rural distribution because of the long spans utilized.

  • Electrolytic Copper Foil for CCL and PCB Price

    Electrolytic copper foil is an important material for the manufacture of copper clad laminates CCL and printed circuit boards PCBs and lithium ion batteries. In the rapid development of today s electronic information industry electrolytic copper foil is called the neural network of electronic product signal and power transmission and

  • Used Ropa Recycling Disposal for sale

    Find Ropa and other recycling disposal for sale on Machinio.

  • Cricut Decides To Charge Rent For People To ..

    Mar 15 2021  The CRV001 Personal Cutter and Imagine machines that I used both had 6 wire steppers which can be used in a 4 wire configuration that’s required for use with the Arduino based cnc controllers.

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    Recover raw materials and maintain values

    cables power cables underground cables copper and aluminum cables and high voltage cables with V PE sheaths. Inherently the strands in the core are valuable as a secondary raw material due to the high metal content. In most cases the individual materials in the cable or flexible wire adhere very closely to one another.

  • Overview of the recycling technology for copper containing

    Nov 01 2017  Stripping technology is appropriate for the disposal of large diameter uniformed waste cables. One of the mechanical automatic stripping machines which runs with PLC Programmable Logic Controller as the core control system Liu et al. 2008 is shown in Fig. 1.The components can be simply equipped that guarantee a comprehensive application.

  • PCB Terminal Blocks

    The is a 3 way Wire to board PCB Terminal Block made of PA insulation ideal for use in miniature modules with high contact density. The MPT 0 5/ 3 2 54 features screw connection with tension sleeve and wave soldering. It is a MICRO PCB terminal blo

  • Ribbon Cable –The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

    Jul 06 2021  PCB transition headers. PCB represents the Printed circuit board. It is a connector type with two rolls of pins with the same spacing as BT 224 connectors. For efficiency these pins connect directly to the PCB. This connector possesses high

  • How to disposal of integrated circuits board integrated

    So after long time study we developed the scrap circuit board PCB recycling machine which can be used for separating the metals and non metals from the waste PCB for recycle use. Among the metal products lead and tin are very less gold and silver are very difficcult to be separated but copper has the highest content.

  • Guide to 1 Wire Communication

    What Is 1 Wire Technology The basis of 1 Wire technology is a serial protocol using a single data line plus ground reference for communication. A 1 Wire master initiates and controls the communication with one or more 1 Wire slave devices on the 1 Wire bus Figure 1 .Each 1 Wire slave device has a unique unalterable factory programmed 64 bit identification number ID

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    Our Cable and Wire Harness capability can deliver cable and wire from 30 to 2 gauge lengths from .5 inch to 500 feet and in a variety of materials such as braided mineral insulated molded over molded neoprene molded semi rigid and shielded. We deal in most types of cable coaxial coaxial ribbon flat braided multiconductor and pigtail.

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    Printed Circuits Corp. is a high tech Printed Circuit Board Design Manufacturing and Assembly facility with additional related industry services in PCB Reverse Engineering testing rework and repair. Our Products and Services include but are not limited to

  • Single Phase vs

    Inefficient in power delivery when compared to a three phase power supply. Mostly efficient because it supplies more power which is three times better than a single phase. The voltage of a single phase supply is 230V. The power voltage supply is at 415V. Commonly applicable for domestic needs and in residential.

  • Separation and recovery of materials from scrap printed

    Printed circuit boards PCBs is a major constituent of the waste electric and electronic equipment which represents a rapidly growing disposal problem worldwide.

  • Circuit Board Recycling Machine

    Circuit board recycling machine is combined with the domestic and international advanced technology was developed. The equipment adopts the advanced physics law recovery processes purity and separation rate of equipment is the highest in the all of the waste circuit board recycling equipment.